Silkscreen print, inkjet sticker

While working as a reproduction photographer at an auction house in New York State, I took to photographing portraits of anonymous women: a duke's wife, a girl with a yellow hat, a nude lady in labor. Their (often colored) bodies traveled as currency in the art market; behind them, countless auction labels marked their history of storage and circulation.

Two years later, as I wandered through the private art museums in the Dutch countryside, I encountered gardens featuring plants collected from around the world. "Here, art, architecture, and landscape are perfectly integrated," stated the introduction. Interested in exploring colonial modernity reflected in western gardens, I turned pictures of museum gardens into black-and-white screen prints – a medium defined by mass culture confronting classical aesthetics. Then, I printed auction labels on office stickers and collaged them spontaneously over the prints. These labels, now removed from their value-adding functions, were reduced to disruptors of the visual experience.

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